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sailboat roller furler picture SuperFurl Roller Furling System

In designing SUPERFURL, we decided early on to work within the engineering of the boats that the systems are to be used on. Each is built strong enough for blue water cruising and the strain of reefing.

All our systems use the existing forestays without modification. It is essential that the owner be able to use all his sails on the system, so we provide a simple and efficient method of attachment.

Sew-on slides are designed out of aerospace delrin for smooth operation and exceptional strength. These are sewn on by you, in place of the brass hanks on all head sails.

Now it is possible to attach any sail on the foil, not just special ones made for it. With SUPERFURL it takes only one person to make a sail change on the fore deck.

You take the sail luff, with the slides attached and hook the sail head with your shackel on the eye of the halyard swivel and then slide each successive slide in the track as easily as hanking a sail on.

There are no feeders or prefeeders so you do not need extra help loading or unloading sails on SUPERFURL SYSTEMS. When a sail has to be changed it is lowered using the existing jib haylard.

SUPERFURL Systems are patented. Manufactured in the USA.

Why SuperFurl?
  • No Cutting - Use your Forestay
  • No Modifying - Use your Sails
  • No Rigger needed
  • No Sailmaker needed
  • Installs with common hand tools
  • Install from the deck - No climbing mast
  • Custom fit to your boat
  • Stainless Steel halyard swivel
  • Designed for Blue Water Sailing
  • Change sails easily
  • True airfoil shaped foils for better performance!
  • Transfer warranty
  • All prices include furling line/deck kit
  • Ready to install with nothing further to buy!
  • Deal Direct with Factory
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